Opening of the group exhibition
Vladimir Seleznev, Slava PTRK, art-group "ZeArt", Ilya Mozgi, Sergey Akramov, Anatoly Karnaukhov, Tatyana Zavyalova - Kashkovskaya, Alexander Voronov
Ekaterinburg, Malysheva, 8
ARCHITECTOR Interior Center
2nd floor
Valentine's Day is the 14th of February. On this day the streets overflow the abundance of hearts for every taste and scope, and the thoughts of many people take the expression of infinite gratitude to people with whom they share the life path at this stage.
But what is love in the modern understanding? How is it calculated? What principles are ruled by lovers and what can lead to love carelessness.
Opening of the exhibition will be held on February 14, on the second floor of the ARCHITECTOR interior center.
Gathering guests - 19 hours.
Free entrance
Author's valentines, a few poems, talks about art and feelings, as well as more than 30 works by Ural artists.
Love is a very diverse concept, it can be both very bright and positive feeling, and destructive. It can be a sensual attraction, attachment to the body and a higher love for high matter and enlightenment. At the exhibition, we tried to show the different facets of love, its happiness and misfortune, creation and destruction.
- Marina Alvitr, curator
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