Alvitr Gallery is the net gallery which shows the art not only in the main space but explore other geographical locations. This format helps the gallery to pay attention to the artist more than to the space.

The real art is not connected with the special conditions, it is universal language to express minds and thought that could be understood by everyone with no connection with nationality or the place pf living.

This approach helps to overtake the barriers between art and the person, intruding into the usual way of being among the society and making the dialogue with the audience in every spot in thw world and at any time.

My name is Marina Alvitr and I decided to open my gallery. My dream is to put the art into everyone's heart and home. To fulfill my dream I wake up at 7 every day and work for 15 hours. I am searching for the artists, organize exhibitions and invite people to join the experience of art together. I like the process as art is the pure pleasure.

I tried to explain to the people why they should buy the art but there is no utility reason to do it. By choosing art you are choosing the image of your soul now, you are choosing pleasure, memory of the moment and a piece of eternity. If you want to support me in following my dream we can do it together and share our dreams.

The target of the gallery is to establish intercultural dialogue, making the art affordable to everyone. Alvitr Gallery art is for people who search for the concentration of the thoughts and experience revealed through the visual language.
The artists shown in Alvitr Gallery can be understood on the intercultural level. The main features are innovation, formed figurative language, brave idea, intercultural and professional approach to the art. It is important for Alvitr Gallery to work with the artists which can be understood all over the world.
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