Talks in English. Marina Alvitr and Anna Eve.
What does it take to be a girl in the art world?
6th of March 2017 at 18.00
Architector, 2nd floor, "Biblioteka" (Malysheva 8)
The feminist art is the separate flow in the contemporary art. It is done not only by women but also about women, their feeling of the world, their role in the society and their struggle to find a place and the rights in the "men's world".

At the same time in the 70s feminist art had the influence not only in terms of social issues but also as a significant part of the art process as it combines aesthetic, concept and social investigation in one piece of art giving new impulse to art development.

I have chosen for the cover of the lecture the work by Judy Chicago, "The Dinner Party", which can be seen as the ode to all women who manage to combine strength, fragility and beauty.

The lecture is also devoted to the Women's day.

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