Peter Cvik
Flickering borders
21 December 2018 - 25 January 2019
Blurring of borders is the process that for already more than 10 years could be seen in everything. The blurring could be seen in the state borders through the development of transnational corporations providing their rules but also the cultural borders. The mixing of visual styles, dialogue and overlaying between East and West have become a norm, the Eastern traditions having been digested by West ones and vice verse. It looks like the process has to end up in one cultural field but it has happened that in different cultural zones the process of overlaying transforms the traditions differently and the concept «glocal» has appeared. The process of «glocal» is the process of creating worldwide understandable mythologems but in consideration of local features. Peter Cvik speaks about such flickering borders. The last series of works «Stories of Leipzig», made by the artist while he was in the residence in Leipzig, include maps which are turning into the abstract graphic element but at the same time can be easily recognized by the viewer. The map starts flickering, it is easy for us to see borders but quite difficult to tell what states and where they divide.

The flickering of borders can be seen in different fields as well, the blurring of the borders between real and virtual spaces, this blurring appears to happen in out consciousness. The works «Duality», «Dialogue with Picasso», «Iron man versus Hulk» actualize the question of real and virtual consciousness existing: the heroes of the comics as bright spots cover the real half-destroyed, practically abstract landscape, the digital world is mixing with memories, the objective view of cubists to reality is covered by plexiglass that symbolizes screen of the gadgets.
The net appears in the works by Peter Cvik and can be read as a metaphor of Internet or virtual world. It has no opportunity to cover the natural environment fully but can divide it to pixels, making it more complicated for the perception and distance it from the viewer. At the same time ephemeral layer of the net can be a base for the new visual images, more bright than the real space, which is resting to be demolished to the vague memories. The border between real and virtual starts flickering according to the angel of view.
The exhibition will contain more than 25 works by the artist, graphic works and painting.

The place: Nepokoryonnyh prospect, 17, 4th floor (Alvitr Gallery in Nepokorennye Open Studios)
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