Peter Cvik

Main topic of my work is finding the edge between abstract and nimetic painting signed by postproductional-visual era of 21st century. I work with my own photograpies and memories that I arrange in several ways and reorder in medium of painting. Usually i start with blank canvas and abstract atmospheric painting and then I use computer software postproduction or old master sketching to deconstruct the image and layer fragments together to compose new reality with it own logic. In this way I am showing the manipulative character of medias and its influence to our perception of visual "digital" reality of 21century that we are influenced by all life long.
Bratislava, Slovakia. Born in 1985.

Slovak artist Peter Сvick writes large paintings on the verge of photorealism and abstraction. His paintings are based on his own photos of urban landscapes. A multi-layer image is created in several stages. First, Сvick writes an abstract picture, then transfers to the canvas realistic elements captured in photographs taken by the author himself - a semi-abstract image is obtained in which one can only guess the architectural silhouettes.
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