Artist talk
Meeting with Nikita Shokhov (NYC) and Anna Evtiugina (NYC)
Moderator: Marina Alvitr (EKB)
Ekaterinburg, Karla Liebknecht, 36
Photographic Museum "Metenkov's House"
A cultural shock is what happens to a traveler when he happens to be where "YES" can mean "NO", where a "fixed price" is negotiated where waiting in the waiting room is not an insult, and laughter can be an expression of anger.
(Alvin Toffler, Futuroshok, 1970)
The audience is spoiled. Any person, often or not, visiting the museum, an exhibition of modern art saw a huge number of works-comic, serious, meditative, eventful, entertaining or spectacular. As in such diversity, choice, and sometimes in a variety of non-carriers it makes no sense to make it so that the idea of your work evokes in the soul of the viewer a response - deep, sincere, permanent. It is then that a provocation comes to the aid of the artist. Or, as critics and experts say, confrontational art.
According to the law of the genre, confrontational art specializes in shocking objects <...>, therefore it is hard to look at such creations, especially for a long time, however they attract your attention first of all. Detect works of confrontational art, as a rule, very easily - it will itself catch your eye and rush at you from the wall of the gallery, trying to bite - at least metaphorically, and sometimes literally.
Often people think that shocking art only seeks to make us gasp and recoil - that is, it is approved by attracting our attention. Every such work desperately tries to make us look at it, no matter how we resist. Maybe these works are getting on our nerves, but if they carry a real artistic intention, then their goal is not just to leave an unpleasant residue in us, but to reveal until now not fully understood emotions or unnoticed fears so that we can stop and think.
Ossian Ward, art critic, curator.
It is about such a provocation, a desire to provoke a truthful response in people, will speak on 03/02/2018 in the photographic museum "Metenkov House" artist Nikita Shokhov (NYC), curator Anna Evtiugina (NYC). The moderator of the talk will be the gallery owner, curator and art blogger Marina Alvitr (EKB).
Nikita Shokhov, a video artist and photographer, explores the duality of human nature and culture, mixing carnival and myth, opposing reason and body. Many projects concern provocative topics: religion, sexuality, politics. In her experiments with photography, video and virtual reality, Nikita cooperates with curators, musicians, choreographers, designers. In recent works, often using modern performance and involving representatives of local communities as participants.
Nikita Shokhov studied at the Metenkov House Photo Gallery, the Sverdlovsk Film Studio and Sergei Rogozhkin, then graduated from the Rodchenko School of Igor Mukhin's Workshop, and also became a member of Robert Wilson's The WatermillCenter Art Residence in New York.
The artist's works were shown at ArtDocFest, at WatermillCenter, the GRAD Gallery in London, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and, the 5th Biennale Photoquai in Paris, the European Biennale of Contemporary Art Manifesto 10 in St. Petersburg, the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Baltic Photobiennale in Kaliningrad. The series "Utrish" was presented at the World Press Photo in 2014.

Nicita Shokhov
Anna Evtiugina, independent curator and producer, Fulbright and Edmund Muskie fellowship. Professional experience includes working with San Jose Museum of Art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Galerie Iragui (Moscow), Salamatina Gallery (NYC), Pictura Gallery (Bloomington).
She studied art management at the University of Indiana (USA), international business in the Urals Federal University and intercultural communication at the University of Jena (Germany).

Anna Evtiugina
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