Group exhibition
February, 14 - March, 10
Vladimir Seleznev, Slava PTRK, art-group "ZeArt", Ilya Mozgi, Sergey Akramov, Anatoly Karnaukhov, Tatyana Zavyalova - Kashkovskaya, Alexander Voronov
Love is a very diverse concept, it can be both very bright and positive feeling, and destructive. It can be a sensual attraction, attachment to the body and a higher love for high matter and enlightenment. At the exhibition, we tried to show the different facets of love, its happiness and misfortune, creation and destruction.
On Valentine's Day on February 14 Alvitr Gallery and IC Architector are pleased to present the exhibition project "Valentinka". At the exhibition will be presented more than 30 works by Ural artists, including the work of street artists, which they will transfer to the gallery space. The exhibition will also feature an installation from Alexander Voronov.
Anatoly Karnaukhov (editor-in-chief of Samizdat) will show his first watercolors at the exhibition, which reveal love in the understanding of the younger generation of 20-year-olds. In the works you can find suffering, and a little happiness with him mixed. Tatyana Zavyalova-Kakovskaya will talk about family love: this is a warm feeling that borders on respect, care and affection. The work of Slava PTRK from the series "Loneliness" will show a person inside a big city, where there are so many people, but they all turn out to be strangers. In the work of the artist Ilya Mozg "Financial Solutions" shows the monetary aspect of romantic relationships. Art group "Evil" will show love as the most powerful force that can tame a wild beast. And, finally, Vladimir Seleznev will reveal the theme of high love, which borders on acceptance of the whole world and requires maximum development of the soul.
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